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What is Pixelfarming?

Pixelfarming is a method where different plants are grown together in order to promote growth, health, and productivity. It is based on the fact that certain plants combinations can benefit each other by attracting beneficial insects, improving soil fertility, providing shade, or repelling harmful pests.

Pixelfarming is a natural and sustainable alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Using AI, our planning software, creates the best plant combinations to help increase biodiversity, improve soil health, increase yield and ecosystem stability.


With the purchase of Robot One comes a two-season training course in which we will help farmers and growers transition to chemical-free farming with Robot One. The first season consists of hands-on and on-site support from our Robotics Experts and season two will transition to remote assistent as the farmers and growers are accustomed to this new way of farming and are a certified Robot One Operator.

Hubs and Dealers

Playing an essential role in our international expansion, hubs and dealers make Robot One accessible to our international customers. Hubs are our centralized locations for onboarding and hands-on demonstrations. Dealers are our resellers, offering technical support and repair services. Hubs and dealers work together to create a supply chain that making purchasing and onboarding as seamless as possible.

Our Robotics Experts

We are proud to introduce our team of robotics experts, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a diverse range of backgrounds and specializations, our team is equipped to tackle any robotics challenge.