Pixie is a concept study for the Pixelfarming Robotics product range. It is designed to support Robot One in its work by transporting supplies for biodiverse cultivation. You can think of the supply of seedlings, or the retrieval of harvested produce and weeds. If you want to meet Pixie, come and see it at work on our autonomous field of Campus Almkerk.

a Pixie Herd

Pixie is a light vehicle to avoid subsurface compression of the soil. It is suitable for light work such as the transport of crates up to approx. 100 kg. On the modern future farm, Pixie will work in a herd to perform all kinds of light tasks on a larger scale. More hands make light work. The size matches the Robot one format. As partners they wander the field together to take care of the crops. Pixie can drive over a row of plants without damaging them. It also fits within the format of regular agricultural tracks.

Pixie, Go Home

Pixie can drive autonomously and uses the same platform as Robot One. It can take a pre-programmed route, but Pixie is also aware of its environment and can go to a destination by itself. Within restricted areas, so it can find its own way safely for both Pixie and the other inhabitants.

It is equipped with a rechargeable batterypack. Pixie will return to the solar powered base station to recharge wirelessly.

The Variety of Pixie

This smart utility vehicle will be made in different variations:

As a transporter of crates to support the Robot and the farmer
Equipped with a tool head such as Robot One for specific actions like trimming
Equipped with a spindle for spreading fertilizer.