Robot One

Robot One

Robot One is a cutting-edge agricultural robot designed for smart farming. Equipped with 14 advanced depth sensing camera’s and dual GPS antenna’s it is ideal for large-scale and biodiverse environments. 

Robot One helps farmers transition to regenerative farming. This is achieved through practices such as cover cropping, reduced tillage with our specialized tools and smart crop rotation. This not only increases soil fertility, but also improve water retention, reduce erosion, and promote biodiversity. In addition to improving the health of the soil, regenerative farming can also lead to more resilient crops and higher yields.

  • The best knowledge of the past
    Updated with the latest technology
  • No harsh chemicals
    Chemical-free and plant-specific weed control

All Electric

The solar powered Robot One drives autonomously through the fields. Solar panels are mounted on the roof charging the battery while driving. The electric drivetrain and lightweight construction enables Robot One to handle the various agricultural terrains.

  • Long Range
    With its 13 kWh​ battery, Robot One can handle every task
  • Solar Panels
    3 large Solar panels recharge Robot One’s batteries during operation

Supported track widths

Robot One with its flexible layout and wheel orientation is able to adapt to all commonly used row widths and bed types. Robot One can also alter its driving direction to support even smaller bed sizes and row widths with the L-Bow tools attached.

Multi Cropping Precision

Robot One is suited for large-scale and biodiverse environments. 10 controllable arms can be equipped with various tools and are independently adjustable in row width and working depth and accurate up to 2 millimeters. This allows for plant specific crop treatment and chemical-free weed control.

  • Individually adjustable
  • Millimeter precision
  • Real-time adjustments


Multiple tools can be used and combined with Robot One. The hoe can be substituted for a streamer, rotor harrow, L-Bow or CO2 laser. This saves you time by combining several jobs in the same run with Robot One.

Computer Vision

Robot One is able to detect and classify plants and create a 3D depth map of your terrain using Computer Vision. Using 4 Stereoscopic depth cameras and predictive plant growth models, Robot One can move each individual arm with millimeter precision and get as close to the plant as possible without damaging it.

Are you ready for the future?

Manual weed control is expensive and the use of harsh chemicals negatively affects the quality of your soil. In addition, the use of chemical pesticides is being more heavily regulated every year. Robot One is an alternative solution which lets you do more with less manual labor. All without the use of harsh chemicals.

Regenerative farming

Manual weed control is expensive and the use of harsh chemicals negatively affects the quality of your soil. Subsurface compression by heavy machinery leads to loss of yield, loss of quality and reduced water storage. Robot One is light weight to avoid subsurface compression. This not only increase soil fertility, but also improve water retention, reduce erosion, and promote biodiversity. 

Smart Biology

Our robust agricultural planning system empowers you to optimize plant growth and quality without the use of harsh chemicals. Using predictive plant growth models you can plan and optimize your agricultural layout using your historical data. 

Join as an onboarder

We help innovative farmers, contractors and growers transform their agricultural business. Join our onboarding program and during a two-year period we will work closely together. We will fine-tune Robot One to your specific crop needs and train you to be a certified Robot One Operator.