Pixelfarming Academy

Pixelfarming Academy — Use data to learn, artificial intelligence within reach

Smart farming is all about smart biology. The technology that makes this a reality requires knowledge to be transformed from the bright minds into digital applications and data. The Pixelfarming Academy is the environment where Robot One users can train their robot to perform the tasks that are needed to nurture the crops and keep the undesired weeds away. Like any academy, there is not just one teacher. You do not have to train your robot alone. A community of pixelfarming users is available, all bringing their own specific knowledge and skills.

So what does the Academy have to offer?
The academy is a cloud solution that consists of a number of Studios. Each studio is aimed at a specific working area, all of them contain elements that you can use to build the smart biology solution you need, ranging from plant recognition to path planning.

Farmer Studio

As a future farmer, this is the place where you manage your fields, from defining the cultivation plan until the registration of the harvest. In order to nurture your crops in the best way, the crop map contains all the specifications about the optimum cultivation of the plants. Registration of desired soil conditions, plant combinations, cover crops and many other properties to design an ecosystem that is designed to achieve plant symbiosis. Based on this information the academy can automatically generate a cultivation plan. Based on the layout and grouping of your crops, the working route for Robot One can be determined. The script will be generated automatically and is ready to send to Robot One.

Student Studio

Are you working on a specific minor about artificial intelligence? Are you about to graduate in robotics? Pixelfarming Academy offers you an environment where vital basic features are already available, such as training software for image recognition. Design your own experiment and create the forms to collect data. Use the GPS tracker to gather data exactly at a specific pixel of the field. Export the data to your own workstation for writing your thesis. We give you a head start.

Robot Studio

This is the maintenance environment for the control of Robot, Pixie, the Intelligent Vision Bar and any other robot that can cooperate with Pixelfarming Academy. Locating and tracking individual robots, transferring data to and retrieving data from the connected devices, configuring installed tools, actuators and sensors are the typical activities you perform in here.

Development Studio

This is an environment for insiders only. It contains reference designs for the tools with images, drawings, technical facts etc. When you study at a technical university, it might be good that you become an insider!

Connect with the academic world

The Academy can be used for more than just training Robot One. That is why we connect with the academic world, who can also use Pixelfarming Academy to experiment and learn.

Let’s do this together!