Pixelfarming Robotics

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Innovators in agri-food by
utilizing state of the art

Robot Zero

Use digital technology to manage the food production

Robot One

Next generation of robotics

Pixelfarming Robotics designs and manufactures advanced agricultural robots. The company was founded in 2019 to revolutionize how we farm, with the ultimate goal of enabling a self-sustaining ecology.


New possibilities and extensions can be added to our robots. We create our own updates and merge with knowledge of partners. The software, hardware and the toolset is upgradable. This way they remain future proof.


Our office is located in the rural area. With plenty of farmlands and enthusiastic team members, we thrive to be better each day. The more results we collect, the better we can improve our robots.


Small things can grow into great inventions or collaborations. Never hesitate to go out of your comfort zone. Feel free to contact us. The best things will happen when you least expect them to happen.

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Pixelfarming Academy

Together we achieve more

We are working together on the future with the following educational institutions