Vision Bar

Intelligent Vision Bar

What if you have a machine that has to remove specific weeds accurately? This is why Pixelfarming Robotics developed the Intelligent Vision Bar. A controller that is equipped with 3D cameras and can be trained to recognize individual plants within a vegetation. After training, the controller can perform detections and signal the vehicle to perform an accurate task.

The Intelligent Vision Bar can be mounted at the front of a tractor, lawn mower or any other kind of vehicle. The ideal mounting height is approx.. 90 cm above ground level. The standard working width is 2m. It has an on-board voltage of either 12V or 24V.

Collect data

The Intelligent Vision Bar comes with the cloud based Pixelfarming Academy. The collected data will be stored with the corresponding field data and can be used for image recognition or other activities on the field. The Pixelfarming Academy enables the operational team to teach the system by example instead of having to program each plant type by hand.