Onboarding Special ’22

Robot One op de Campus in Almkerk

Onboarding Special ’22

In the fall season of 2022, we will start the second onboarding program with new, innovative farmers.

Do you want Robot One on your land?
Are you considering the purchase of our advanced agricultural robot?

We kindly invite you to our Onboarding Special ‘22 on the 6th of October at Campus Almkerk, where we will tell you all about this onboarding program! During the event, you will be provided with inspiring information about the new features and technical developments of Robot One.

  • The 6th of October
    A peek into the next onboarders season
Robot One at Velhorst

Onboarding year ’21

The growing season of this onboarding program is in full swing. In the past few months, Robot One has been deployed on the land of five onboarders. Together, we are working towards a better future by using smart robots for biodiverse arable farming. During this program we examine, together with the farmer, how Robot One fits best into his cultivation plan and how the robot can be used optimally. 

Join as an onboarder

We help innovative farmers, contractors and growers to transform their agricultural business. Join our onboarding program and become one of the first innovative farmers, working with Robot One! The onboarding program takes approximately two growing seasons, during which we will work closely together. Robot One will be fine-tuned to your specific crop needs and you will be trained to become a certified Robot One Operator.


We will start at 4PM CET with some appetizers inspired by our Pixelfarming-tastings. Following that, we look back at the onboarding season of ’21. Different experiences will be discussed, and you will learn all about the technical developments and image recognition.

We provide inspiring parallel sessions with, among other things, demonstrations of the robot and the new tools. We will end the Onboarding Special ‘22 around 6:15PM CET with the possible extension for all your questions

The program:




Onboarding ’21
Recap of the experience of the first season with Robot One.


3 x 20minutes parallel session:

1. Robot One Upgradable
Tooling with external partners: Odd Box One weed removal in roots & Kramer seeding module

2. Robot One tooling
A: laser module on Robot One 2021-1
B: Finger weeder on Robot One 2021-1

3. Robot One speed weeding
Robot One working autonomously


Onboarding 2022 

What should participants expect, what do we expect from participants
Grant opportunities & funding for Robot One

ca. 6:15CET

Ending with snacks and drinks

Robot One Tools