Chemical free

Plant specific weed control


in hardware and software

Robot One

Pixelfarming Robotics' Robot One is a smart agricultural robot for biodiverse farming, designed to control weeds without the use of pesticides. It is designed to control plants and weeds autonomously, based on Vision and ready to be equipped with tools for specific crop treatment.

Cultivation without herbicides requires smart biological solutions and in-depth knowledge of plant interactions. With high end vision processing capacity onboard and high-speed connections to the cloud, Robot One it is perfectly suited for large-scale, preferably biodiverse, environments.

Long Range

With its 10 x 1020 Wh​ battery pack, Robot One can handle every task

Solar Panels

5 Solar panels recharge Robot One's batteries during operation

All Electric

The solar powered robot drives autonomously through the fields. Solar panels are mounted on the roof charging the battery while driving. The electric drivetrain and lightweight construction enables Robot One to handle the various agricultural circumstances.


Various tools in one run


Exact positions

Multi Cropping

Robot One is perfectly suited for large-scale biodiverse environments. A total of ten robotic arms are available within the Robot One frame. These are all multifunctional and individually adjustable in row width and working depth.


Different tools can be used on the robotic arms. The hoe can be replaced by a cultivator, harrow or spit, for example, which empowers the robot with multiple functionalities. In one run you can work with several tools at the same time.


All eyes on the crop

Deep learning

Better plantrecognition

Vision and Image Recognition

By recognizing objects, Robot One is able to work more sophisticated. The cameras are functioning as eyes. Vision technology and artificial intelligence allow us to deal with environmental and economic challenges in a new way.

Why Robot One Works for You

Weeds are a major concern in arable farming. Manual weed control is expensive and use of chemistry negatively affects the quality of our soil. In addition, the use of chemical pesticides is strictly regulated.

Robot One, produced by Pixelfarming Robotics, is designed to control weeds without the use of pesticides. The ten robotic arms can be individually adjusted in width and height with advanced tools. This allows flexible distances between the rows. With Robot One, many soil compositions and crops can be handled in one run.

Soil improvement

Subsurface compression by heavy machinery leads to loss of yield, loss of quality and reduced water storage. Robot One is light weighted to avoid subsurface compression. Robot One is also suitable for non-inverting tillage (NINV) which means a better development of soil life, better soil structure and a better infiltration of water.

Smart Biology

Robot One is up for the challenge of making smart biology available to farmers. Configuring and teaching robots to distinguish different biological situations requires a lot of smart technology and data.

Do you want to have a Robot One?

Pixelfarming Robotics offers support for those who want to start working with our robot. In the campaign ‘Proof your future’ we help innovative farmers, contractors and growers to take this step. Participants from Proof your future mainly work in the agricultural sector and have a problem around specific crops, such as weed control in green beans. What is your agricultural challenge?

Cloud Platform

Robot One comes with our Pixelfarming Aacademy, an online environment to train Robot One’s image recognition and integrate it in your daily work environment. We made Pixelfarming Academy to make biology smart! In several studios you can collect the data of your cultivation, including the training sets for image recognition.