Interchangeable Tools

Robotic farming is all about taking the right action at precisely the right place. Taking care of the weed and protecting the individual crop plant is a delicate matter. Robot One is equipped with ten arms that can be positioned with millimeter accuracy for exactly this purpose. Each arm can be moved individually to both sides, and up and down. The servo based drive system is able to take centimeter precise steps through the field. Because of the advanced Pixelfarming operating system the GPS-RTK the position of each tool in action can be positioned very precise. Each arm has a standardized tool plate for mounting a variety of tools, depending on the job Robot One has to perform. In addition, the robot has to use the tool in the best way for the job at hand. This can be done either by programming or by example.

The Hoe

Most farmers use a hoe for mechanical weed removal. Robot One can use the standard hoe for many agricultural machines. By using our mounting plate these standard tools can easily be applied on Robot One. This way, it becomes an autonomous chemistry-free weed remover in a field with common crops in rows with a fixed interdistance.


Weed control does not have to mean it has to be removed. In many cases soil coverage is a viable option to handle extreme weather conditions. With the streamer combined with accurate positioning it is possible to manage a cover crop side by side with the production crop. This way both soil and crop benefit from the ‘weed’ that is kept intentionally to manage water, soil structure and suppress undesired weeds. The streamer has two razor sharp blades with a diameter of 14 cm that run at up to 10.000 rpm. In combination with other tools, Robot One becomes a multifunctional tool for all kinds of tillage in the same run.

The Sting

Very young, fine plants need a fine but effective treatment. The sting can plunge into the soil, through the plant and its root to prevent the growth of unwanted vegetation. It is mounted on a standard plate, the small motor drive is placed in the box under the arm. The sting can be placed in various angles, and has a speed of 1-5 stitches per second.


In a lot of cases the soil needs some form of preparation for seeding. One way to minimize soil structure deprivation you can limit the milling area to the seeding line. The standard mill has a Pixelfarming Robotics mounting plate for easy construction on the arms. Because of the adjustable arms, the driver of Robot One decides the exact milling location and depth for each individual spot.

Looking for another application for Robot One?

Each of the tools is built using the Pixelfarming Robotics modular motor drive. You can use this intelligent module to build your own smart actuator in a very simple way. So, do you have ideas about how to implement our Robot One for your application? Then we like to get in touch with you.