Robot Zero

The comfort of modern life with minimal waste.
With this ‘future-dream’, our first robot was born

Robot Zero

The start of Pixelfarming

It all started with a future view. A dream. Or better said, an idea to solve a global issue. The world population is growing and the food demand is increasing. Poor soil conditions and food waste are the results of economic needs of mass production.

With Pixelfarming we use digital technology to manage our food production. Pixelfarming robots grow our crops, from soil preparation to sowing, weeding and harvesting. Super light weight, fully electric and no emissions. This way, the future generations manage their own food production. Just as easy as ordering a pizza with your smartphone.

Robot system

Robot Zero is has a low speed operating mode for safety and control

  • Four-wheel steering for maximum moveability
  • Arms: 1x arm, configurable
  • Heavy duty carrier frame, maximum payload 4 tonnes
  • Light weight: 450 kg

Data processing

  • Dual GPS-RTK positioning
  • WiFi, 4G and LoRaWAN communications
  • Closable work area for lab conditions
  • Outdoors work area with LED lightning for vision
  • 4K overhead camera
  • Intel 3D camera

Solar powered

  • All electric
  • Zero energy operation
  • Solar powered with panels on the roof
  • 3 kWh battery pack and chargers onboard

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